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Peter Senese Rescues Internationally Kidnapped Children

The I CARE Foundation

I have decided to share a handful of testimonial letters about me, Peter Thomas Senese, and my volunteer work as a child advocate in hope that it might inspire you to get involved and volunteer with any organization or charitable organization that is dedicated to helping others.

Rescuing children from international abduction and kidnapping is not an easy task: however, working within the confines of the law, I am very pleased to share that there have been many, many children of international parental child abduction who have been reunited and returned home due directly to the great efforts, financial, legal, and investigative resources of the self funded, not for-profit I CARE Foundation that I am the Founding Director of.

There is little in this world that is more satisfying than seeing a targeted parent and their abducted child embrace one another after abduction.  

Sometimes rescuing a child means finding and bringing that child home from the country they were abducted to.  Other times, rescuing a child means stopping a child from being abducted to begin with.

Neither are easy to do, particularly since the climate for international child abduction makes it easy for a child kidnapper to abduct their child abroad without consent of the other parent or a court order.

I have provided a sampling of the many sworn letters written about my and the I CARE' Foundations activity and character by parents we have helped to emphasize exactly what we have done.  I am proud of the volunteer work we have put forth, while also being reminded on a daily basis that there is so much work that still must be done.

Additionally, I make no qualm over the fact that I believe I have a great responsibility to help other parents and their targeted children. Remember - my and the I CARE Foundation's activity evolves in part around stopping kidnappers from stealing children.  And we're becoming very good at it.  

This also means that there will be times when my or the foundation's character will be attacked, particularly by anonymous or made-up individuals who will use the Internet to defame my reputation or our activity. Why?  Because we have gotten in the way or intend to get in the way of their plan to kidnap or detain a child.  In addition, and as you may imagine, there are times when child abusers and spouse abusers try to gain favor with the I CARE Foundation or me, and seek our assistance by concealing their abusive nature.  This is a delicate issue because often in cases of international parental child abduction, targeted parents almost always are accused of abuse. In the vast majority of cases, these claims are false. However, there are times when abuse does occur.  Neither I nor the I CARE Foundation will tolerate abuse.  If a person seeking assistance from either me or the foundation is determined to either have abused a child or spouse, or, if there is a high probability that abuse took place, we will not under any circumstance assist them.  Which means . . . we become their advisory.  

I invite you to read any number of the many sworn testimonials about how I and the foundation have protected a rather large number of children. And you have my word . . . our work in only just beginning.  In fact, the I CARE Foundation continues to build a large, highly trained national network of lawyers willing to come to the aid of at-risk children.

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Click here to read the testimonials about me, Peter Thomas Senese - Child Advocate.

, whose child was abducted to the Ivory Coast eight years ago spoke of the miracle Peter Thomas Senese created, “On January 16th, 2012, I received a telephone call from Peter Thomas Senese. He said to me that my son was on an airplane 30,000 feet high over Africa and on his way home to the United States . As for Peter Thomas Senese, what can I say about this incredible man who led the efforts on all fronts to rescue my son? He asked for nothing other than for me to help others one day when my child was home, he provided financial support, emotional support, and all the necessary legal support required. I will be forever grateful to Peter Thomas Senese and the I CARE Foundation for the selfless acts and considerable kindness.” 

TD, whose child was abducted to Nigeria added of the miracle Peter Thomas Senese also created, “On March 22nd, 2012 my toddler son was kidnapped from Colorado to Nigeria. All appeared hopeless. Nigeria is not a member of nay foreign treaty, there was very little the U.S. government could do to help me in Nigeria. Very few children have ever been returned to America from Africa. I eventually contacted Peter Thomas Senese, as he is well-respected in the area of IPCA, who told me, “You need to be patient, but we will get your son home.” His words were simply not words. On June 11th, 2012 at approximately 10:15 p.m. while standing inside the Denver International Airport, I held my son in my arms! My son was back home, in America, just like Mr. Senese said he would be.  Peter Thomas Senese has given so much to my family. God Bless you Peter for all you have done for me and my family.” 

CF stated, “I found myself a young mom alone facing a terrifying life threatening cancer fight while also desperately trying to find and bring home my abducted son. There is no question in my mind that without Peter’s assistance I would have lost my son. From bringing on an overseeing the investigations to attorneys needed to help me, to staying in consistent contact with me every step of the way during a very complex process, Peter’s incredible actions bespeak of his unquestionable kindness, caring, compassion, and what is right about this world. He never asked me for anything, but gave and gave and gave . . . And at 4:35 a.m. on a Friday morning standing next to me at the airport as my son was taken off a flight and [held] into my loving arms, was Peter Thomas Senese. As far as Peter Thomas Senese is concerned, he is an incredible man. He is direct, honest, loyal, compassionate, and made an enormous difference in my and my family’s life. Without him, not only would I not have reunited with my abducted son . . . I prayed to God for help and a miracle. God answered. I am forever thankful to my friend Peter Thomas Senese and all he has done for me and my family.” 

AB said, “Chasing The Cyclone and Peter Thomas Senese have assisted me and my family significantly in protecting my daughters from being parentally abducted to Saudi Arabia, where women like myself have no rights. If my children were abducted there, I would never see them again. Today, I sleep a little better due to the incredible efforts of Peter Thomas Senese. Knowing Mr. Senese has helped ensure my children’s safety and has helped protect us from Chasing The Cyclone of international child abduction. Along the way, he has never asked for anything.”

MR. said, “Unequivocally, Peter Thomas Senese is a tremendous person of great honor and integrity, he acts selflessly on behalf of children all across the globe, he is honest, sincere, unbowed, and willing to stand up against those that act against others. My abducted child is coming home, finally after all these years, in no small way because of the great assistance I received from Peter Thomas Senese.”

TP, a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy (reserve) and a mother said, “Mr. Senese has assisted me during legal proceedings I have initiated in order to prevent my at-risk daughter from being abducted to Brazil . . . Chasing The Cyclone as a matter-of-fact guide as to the risk factors that may indicate an abduction and legal steps to take in order to prevent this from happening. Mr. Senese’s work and network continue to protect my daughter and other targeted children.”

So if you take anything from what I have shared I hope it is this: your voice really does matter. 







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