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Peter Thomas Senese  &  The I CARE Foundation
                   Peter Thomas Senese and the I CARE Foundation


As the Founding Director of the self-funded, not-for-profit 501-C-3 corporation known as the International Child Abduction Research & Enlightenment Foundation (the 'I CARE Foundation'), it has been a privilige to watch what was once an idea based upon a hope to help other parents and children targeted for the crime of international parental child abduction (IPCA) to blossom into the reality of a highly skilled, heavily experienced and knowledgeable foundation composed of some of the leading figures in the world dedicated to protecting children from abduction and trafficking, while also playing a hands on and critical role in rescuing numerous children from international kidnapping.

My committment to assist the foundation is steadfast and will continue.

As a reaction and Call-To-Arms against the growing rate of IPCA that is a global problem threatening nations everywhere, The I CARE Foundation was created by notable child advocates possessing expertise and knowledge in the area of international parental child abduction prevention and reunification. The Foundation's Board of Directors and Special Advisory Board consist of child advocates possessing diverse, but qualified skill sets that enable the Foundation to socially contribute in efforts and dialog created to protect children from the criminal act of international parental kidnapping and child abuse, as international parental child abduction is a serious offense against innocent, defenseless children.

Currently,  acts of IPCA has reached pandemic levels. Cross-border parental child kidnapping is not immune to any civilized nation possessing open borders. Various studies forecast this crime against children to continue to grow at a rate of at least 20% per year. 

Tragically, hundreds of thousands of children are believed to be targeted each year for international parental child abduction.  According to recent studies, international parental child abduction may experience as many as 100,000 to 125,000 defenseless American child-citizens criminally abducted abroad or illegally detained abroad by one parent without permission of the child's other parent or in violation of a court's order over the next decade (FY 2012 to FY 2022). In Canada, projected international parental child kidnappings may reach as many as 15,000 - 17,000 cases over the same period. In Europe, similar to South America, international parental child abduction has reached epidemic proportions.

Sadly, the vast majority of internationally abducted children never come home. Various studies put the number of children who are returned from to the United States at approximately 10% to 12.5%, though we acknowledge the number of actual reunification may be considerably lower (reunification rates are based upon 'reported' and anticipated 'unreported' cases of abduction). 

The primary mission of the I CARE Foundation is to conduct research in the area of international parental child abduction, use our research and knowledge to educate legal professionals and society in general of the grave issues surrounding and associated with international parental child abduction, and participate in the social and political dialog geared to create new laws and policies that will protect children from abduction.

Our efforts also include creating a national network of pro bono laywers willing to assist children and their targeted parents from abduction, while also helping to build the U.S. Department of State's 'Hague Convention Attorney Network'.

In addition, and at the core of  the I CARE Foundation's purpose, it is our intent to continue to create and pass new state and federal legislation geared to protect children from international abduction such as Florida's Child Abduction Prevention Act, and, the implementation of the Federal 'Prevent Departure Program' now used to assist in preventing abduction. 

Present legislative initiatives include new laws created require all citizens regardless of age to present a valid passport when traveling abroad, regardless of type of travel and age of traveler.  

Furthermore, the I CARE Foundation is actively engaged in seeking the creation of a new law similiar to the Prevent Departure Program that will apply to individuals possessing rights of American Citizenship. 

For more information, please visit the Offiical Website Of the I CARE Foundation.

Lastly, I am pleased to share that I have donated 100% of my e-book proceeds generated from all of my novels to the I CARE Foundation in order to help other parents and their children (See, "Peter Thomas Senese Donates 100% of Earnings")
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