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CHASING THE CYCLONE by Peter Thomas Senese

                         A Message From Author and Child Advocate Peter Thomas Senese . . .


Thank you for taking the time to visit the official website of Chasing The Cyclone. 

I am happy to say that my continual support of the I CARE Foundation and the foundation's efforts to help at-risk children and their parents continues, as recently shared by I CARE Foundation's board member New York attorney and Department of State Hague Convention Attorney Network member Joel Walter. Nearly a year ago, I previously announced that I would donate 100% of my ebook royalties earnings from 
Chasing The Cyclone along with my other novels including The Den of the Assassin, and Cloning Christ. I will continue to donate my book proceeds to the I CARE Foundation so that the self-funded, not-for-profit organization I am the Founding Director of will continue to act as stewards and protectors of children targeted for international abduction.

I have provided a sampling of the many sworn affidavits I am in possession of concerning how the I CARE Foundation and I have helped protect children  (Please see
'Peter Thomas Senese Helps Protect Children').  I believe these testimonials say a great deal about our integrity, our hearts, our intent, and our capability.


In fact, recently I had the great privilege to participate and speak on behald of the I CARE Foundation at the United States' Deparment of State's International Global Visitor Leadership Program overseen by the United States Mission to the United Nations.

As you may correctly imagine, legally rescuing one internationally abducted child is an enormous child. So too is preventing one child from being kidnapped.  Thus, it is with a sense of pride and continued determination that I am able to say that  in my role as the Founding Director of the I CARE Foundation, we have legally rescued many internationally abducted children and prevented a significant number of international kidnappings: providing the financial resources along with the legal and investigation resources required to protect children from child abductors. (Please see,
"Peter Thomas Senese Rescues Children').

Fighting against the acts of child abductors, child abusers and spousal abusers is all part of what is required to protect children. I am and shall remain steadfast in my desire to help targeted children and their families.  However, as you can imagine, there are times when a child abductor or abuser may attempt to slander my or the foundation's name and reputation because we got in the way of their act of kidnapping and abuse.  The Internet unfortunately has little accountability, and allows for acts of defamation, cyber-bullying, and cyber-stalking to occur with little retribution. And so there will be times that I may be personally attacked.  Our truth is shared in large numbers as demonstrated in the
sworn testimonial letters I have provided.

With a sense of pride in what we have accomplished so far combined with our continued goal to help others, Chasing The Cyclone was unquestionably the seed that has led to an incredible amount of positives for children of abduction and their families. And if you are interested in knowing more about my life, Chasing The Cyclone is deeply inspired by events in my own life.

I want each of you who have purchased my writings to know that your support has made a big difference in the lives of others as shared in the testimonial letters.

As I said, I made a promise to use these proceeds to help prevent the international abduction of children or to help rescue internationally kidnapped children. I have fulfilled that promise, and intend to continue to do so. So a very big Thank You for your support. In a very direct way, your interest in my various books have helped protect many innocent children.  In fact, I am happy to share with you numerous sworn testimonials on how
Chasing The Cyclone has made a difference in the lives of others.  So a very special Thank You is in order to all the individuals from around the world who have purchased an e-book version of Chasing The Cyclone

International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA) is a tragic, growing epidemic that is swiftly spreading across our nation. This crime against our children is intolerable, yet the yearly increases in abduction continue to swell.  In fact, it is expected that there could be as many as 125,000 American children and 20,000 Canadian children internationally kidnapped over the next ten years.  Tragically, it appears that an estimated 10% of these children come home.

This has to stop.

In my own way and as the Founding Director of the rapidly growing 501-C-3 self-funded not-for-profit organization known as the 
I CARE Foundation, I am actively trying to help other parents either prevent an abduction from occurring or by assisting in rescuing and reuniting with their kidnapped child. I am very pleased with the work the I CARE Foundation has accomplished thus far, including our tremendous volunteer work legally recovering internationally kidnapped children or preventing abduction from occurring, passing new laws or implementing government policy designed to protect children, and conducting advanced research in the area of international parental child abduction. 

Our success helping children at risk of abduction and their targeted parents has been very rewarding; however, these successes in reality only remind us of that many children stolen do not come home. It pushes me to stand up best I can to help others. 

I take the responsibility of trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others seriously. These are not simply words, but have been met
by long-term action.

There is no question that preventing children who are targeted to be internationally abducted from being kidnapped is a cause that I have been very involved with. And as pleased as I am that my and the I CARE Foundation’s activities have also resulted in the rescue and reunification of many internationally kidnapped children, there is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded that if substantial change does not occur, there could be as many as 125,000 American children and 20,000 Canadian children alone over the next decade who will actually be internationally kidnapped. And so, for every child who has been safely brought home, I am reminded that there are so many other children and their parents who need help.

Sadly, the recovery rate of children internationally abducted is very low. It is anticipated that less than 10% of children kidnapped abroad ever come home. Which makes the accomplishments of the I CARE Foundation something we all very proud of. The fact is we use our own resources and have rescued numerous kidnapped children abducted to countries all over the world. Along the way, there are child abductors who we have faced down and whose plans to abduct a child we have foiled. These kidnappers do not look upon our activity. As you may imagine, there have been times when I have been slandered and defamed by child abductors as well as physically abusive spouses because I and the I CARE Foundation have stood in the way of their horrific act of child kidnapping. One of the challenges about the Internet is that anyone can say or distort anything and hide under various laws of anonymity. The truth is I am fully committed to helping defenseless children of abduction and their parents, and will remain dedicated to stopping child kidnappings.

For your viewing, I have provided a modest number of sworn letters written by an assortment of individuals and organizations I have personally assisted including those written by parents whose internationally kidnapped children I have help recover, to parents whose children were targeted for abduction that I had helped prevent from occurring, to those individuals fighting cancer who I helped because . . . well, because I could. I hope they serve as a reminder to you as they do to me that it is so important to find the courage to make a difference in the lives of others.
(I invite you to read the letters titled ‘Peter Thomas Senese and Global Citizenship’ [please note that the names of the individuals have been etched out in order to protect their and their children's rights to privacy; however, all documents contain clear signatures, notary stamps, seals and signatures]). And remember, one voice can make a positive difference in the lives of many!

From my own  experiences, I have become one of the most published voices and researchers on this subject. More importantly, it is through the knowledge gained that the I CARE Foundation has been able to not only help recover scores of abducted children, but we continue to work on creating laws that will help protect children from abduction. I invite you to visit the official website of the I CARE Foundation.

Tragically, international parental child abduction is a known act of criminal kidnapping under federal law. It is also cited by various government institutions and leading experts from around the world as a cruel form of child abuse. In the vast majority of cases, the abducting parent creates a well thought out fraudulent scheme that will allow that person to kidnap the child or children abroad. Knowing that this type of act typically does not go unpunished despite the fact that there are both ample state and federal criminal laws created to enforce such act only facilitates this illicit behavior.

And unfortunately, I, like the tens of thousands of parents each year who face this same type of act are all too aware of the fact that many of the courts and judiciary who are charged with overseeing the welfare of a child when it comes to an abduction issue are not fully up to speed or knowledgeable of the complex issues concerning international child kidnapping. This lack of knowledge includes the depth to which there are both short-term and long-term wellness issues for the child, the fact that, according to numerous government and authoritative studies, an abductor often demonstrates sociopathic behavior during and after a child's abduction (assuming the child is safely recovered), and that the malicious attacks toward the left-behind targeted parent often breach numerous criminal and civil laws.

Fortunately, the tide is beginning to turn as society's understanding that international child abduction is in fact a crime of state and federal kidnapping, and that the act of abduction by a parent is a terrible act of child abuse. Notwithstanding the above, the conspiracy to kidnap and steal a child abroad often includes the breach of numerous additional criminal laws and orders of a court of local jurisdiction. The acts of parental alienation and child manipulation are often visible: their effects tragic and potentially long-lasting for a defenseless child who, by act of the abducting parent, is often denied a life of innocence that each child is entitled to. Instead, the child is deprived of the love of their other parent and all too often mentally and spiritually manipulated into thinking untruthful things about the other parent by act of the abducting parent - who is desperate to try to sanction their own criminal behavior.

Attempting to sanction their criminal behavior of international child kidnapping in the international courts is something that a parental kidnapper often spends time doing well before their act of criminal abduction. Truth is their criminal conspiracy, as cited by the United States Department of State, the Department of Justice, and leading authorities from around the world, is well-planned, as opposed to the targeted parent, who is often clueless and unsuspecting that an abduction is planned. Unfortunately, there are rules within international law that may allow for an abductor to be able to sanction their criminal behavior.

Specifically under the civil court proceedings of The Hague Convention's Article 13, an abductor may be able to sanction their crime of international kidnapping by attempting to demonstrate that a return of the abducted child to the child's jurisdiction of origin is not in the best interest of the child. Often, and I was not immune to this, is the deceitful act by an abducting parent to make false and fraudulent claims to the courts and to government agencies against the targeted parent. Notwithstanding these acts, there is often a public defamation campaign created well in advance of their criminal act of abduction, typically by unknown or anonymous sources whereas the abductor and those who they conspire with will attempt to create a false persona of the targeted parent. Why is this done? The answer is very direct: in order to sanction their own criminal behavior. So if you have ever read any disparaging statements concerning my conduct, please be mindful of where it comes from, and then take the time to read numerous letters sworn letters that demonstrate the truth.
(I invite you to read the letters titled ‘Peter Thomas Senese and Global Citizenship’).

In my own situation, I was the target of such acts. Unfortunately, I was not aware at the time that these acts were initiated several years prior to my child's abduction. Fortunately, the international courts were able to see through the malicious charade that was directed toward me by a person with a notorious past - a past I was not initially aware of. The Hague Court ruled in my favor as evidence was ruled upon that demonstrated the fraudulent conspiracy of defamation and slander by the abducting parent. Tragically for many, including myself, the acts of slander and defamation of character are all part of an abductor's defense. Fortunately, I was able to take legal action through various courts and had much of the content removed. However, federal laws do exist that preclude content posted by a third party to be removed on the Internet. In fact, the New York State Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant for one of the individuals who conspired to act with untruthful malice toward me who had conspired with the abductor.

It is due to the tragedy many families face that I have become vocal in my effort to raise public awareness while also putting great effort into researching this area in order to help change public policy and law that will help protect children everywhere.

My activity in this area of international child abduction prevention advocacy include the following:

1. Founding Director of the 501-C-3 Not-for-profit, self-funded ‘International Child Abduction Research & Enlightenment’ Foundation that was established to and has successfully rescued numerous internationally kidnapped children while conducting advanced research in the area of IPCA in order advocate for the creation of new laws that will protect children from international kidnapping.

2. Under the I CARE Foundation’s leadership, we have built a large national pro bono network of lawyers willing to assist parents who are targeted to have a child internationally kidnapped or who have had a child abducted; and, 

3. Overseeing the legal rescue and reunification of numerous internationally kidnapped children; and, 

4. Provided necessary resources required for numerous lawyers and targeted parents who were trying to prevent their child from being internationally abducted; and, 

5. Participating in the passage of the State of Florida's Child Abduction Prevention Act; and,
6. Successfully advocated for the federal implementation of the 'Prevent Departure Program' to be used as a tool to stop international parental child abduction; and,

7. Writer and advocate behind legislative initiatives to prevent international child abduction by modifying the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative; and, 

8. Writer and advocate behind legislative initiatives to prevent international child abduction by modifying the Prevent Departure Program II; and,

9. The co-authoring and creation and FREE publication of the extensive 'The World Turned Upside Down' open-tablet E-book resource guide on IPCA; and,

10. The creation and production of the FREE ongoing educations documentary film on IPCA titled 'Chasing Parents: Racing Into the Storms of IPCA; and,

11. The co-authoring of the extensive research report titled 'Crisis In America: IPCA Today'; and, 

12. The co-authoring of the extensive research report titled 'International Child Abduction and Human Trafficking In The Western Hemisphere'; and,

13. The upcoming release of the novel 'Chasing The Cyclone' which is inspired by my own experiences in the world of IPCA; and, 

14. The ongoing efforts to create additional federal laws that evolve around child abduction prevention.

15. The stout support and advocacy of on line impersonation legislation that led to new laws in the states of California and New York.

16. I have used significant book publication revenue to finance the recovery of internationally kidnapped children.

17. Guest Speaker: U.S. Department of State's United States Mission To The United Nations 'International Visitor Leadership Program' conference on International Parental Child Abduction.

During the time of my child's abduction, I did what most parents would do if they were able to: stop everything that they were involved with and do everything legally possible to reunify with their child. And that is exactly what I did despite great hardship and difficulty. The fact is that most children who are criminally abducted abroad do not come home, and the nightmare they and their targeted parent must live with is grave.

It is why I have tried to help others who may be involved with trying to find and bring home their own child. It is why I have created informative resources for others. And it is why I am actively involved with trying to create or support new laws that will help protect children.

The road I traveled on at times has not been easy, but in the end I take pride in knowing that my actions in the area of IPCA have had a positive impact on many other children and their targeted parents. If you can help protect one child's life, life becomes even that much more meaningful. Fortunately, the advocacy I have been involved with has helped, in its own way, many others. And that was the intent - to simply help others.

For more information on Peter Thomas Senese, please visit:


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